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CEO - Bend-O-Rama

We formed after a circuit-bending workshop held in Copenhagen in May 2007 and arranged by AUX and LAB. The workshop was led by Knut Aufermann and Sarah Washington. The group was christened CEO (Copenhagen Electronic Orchestra) - Bend-O-Rama at the workshop. We are now a four to six person group.

The bendicians of CEO - Bend-O-Rama today are (alphabetically in no apparent order):

Adrian Price
Anders Børup
John Alex Hvidlykke
Mads Bech Paluszewski
Stephani Wisting
Ulf Johannesson

Our musical working method is what might be described as "structured improvisation", where we prior to concerts get together and develop a set of structural ideas for each of the pieces we will play. These can be a set of musical/compositional rules, inspirational keywords, a general outline of the piece, a specific sound to be used as an offset, or any other idea that can be used as a guideline for the performance. By nature they are open frameworks, not fixed compositions, and the resulting performances are never alike.

Our musical style can be low-intensity, scattered, quiet, whimsical explorations of the kitchy and glitchy instruments, ambient drone music and dense wall-of-noise pieces. The sound of the toys is naturally the basis of our sound, but we try to explore electronic sounds beyond that, not simply "toymusic" or "music about toys" but experimental electronic music with a broader scope.

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